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Mint House Cleaning Terms and Conditions is provided as a guide of what is expected of us with our client's relationship. Any individual or company that receive service from Mint House Cleaning must be in total agreement with the terms and conditions listed in this page.


Payment for cleaning services is due in full at the time of service unless other arrangements have been made. A valid credit card/debit card can be on file in order to pay for your scheduled services.  If you will be paying by check or cash on a regular basis, and no one is going to be home on the day of your scheduled cleaning service, payment must be left on the counter. If we arrive to clean and there is no payment, we will contact you immediately prior to starting the service. Mint House Cleaning gladly accepts payment in the following forms: Cash, Personal Check, and Credit Cards. Please make checks payable to Mint House Cleaning.


Should a check be returned, a $35.00 returned check fee will be added to your account balance. If the bank is in error, they should reimburse you for this expense.

Should a payment not be done by the due date, in most cases that is the service day unless specified otherwise, we do reserve the right to charge a $25.00 late fee after 48hours of the service day.


There will be a $75.00 fee, plus any court costs, collection agency and attorney fees in addition to the balance due, for any account, we must refer to collections.

Also, the collection procedure may place a lien on the property that received service in case of non-payment after 30 days.


Mint House Cleaning stands firmly behind all of its services. We pride ourselves on giving superior service to our clients. We go above and beyond to make sure you are completely satisfied with your cleaning service. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, please contact us within 24 hours of your cleaning and we will try to resolve the issue. Tweaks and adjustments will be honored for 24 hours from the time of service. In order to request a service guarantee, the service has to be paid and in good standing.


Cancellations or reservation changes made at least two business days in advance allows our teams the opportunity to accommodate other clients and will be greatly appreciated. If you need to cancel or reschedule your cleaning service, please give us at least 48-hour notice. Please consider our scheduling/preparations and that we are reserving a time slot for your cleaning. If we receive less 48hours notice it will be necessary to charge you a "cancellation" fee of $50,00. All future cleanings will remain unchanged.


Mint House Cleaning strives to provide outstanding cleaning services for our clients. However, since cleaning is a very personal and human service, we realize that occasionally an area may not be cleaned to your satisfaction. While we are unable to offer a refund, Mint House Cleaning will work to ensure you are satisfied. If you are unhappy with any cleaning service provided, let us know of your issues or concerns within 24 hours of your cleaning and we will do our best to make it right.


If we go for the scheduled cleaning and for some reason we can not access your home or start the services, it will be necessary to charge you a "lost-visit" fee of $50,00. All future cleanings will remain unchanged.


Valuables Should you decide that you would like us to clean items within curio cabinets or items of monetary/sentimental value, the following release of liability shall be in effect: Client hereby releases Mint House Cleaning from all liability arising out of cleaning these items.

We are a very responsible cleaning company and are extra careful not to break or damage anything while we clean. However, at time accidents can happen. (For this reason, we have general liability coverage our insurance policy. Identical replacement is always attempted, but not guaranteed. We request that all irreplaceable items (whether sentimentally or monetarily valuable) to be stored and/or not cleaned by our staff. Mint House Cleaning management must be notified within 24 hours of service if a client should find that something is damaged.


When we book your service, we set the price according to the job type and job length. If for any of the reasons listed below, in the SERVICE LIMITATIONS section, the crew need to extend the scheduled hours for the job, there will be price adjust of a $28 per hour per employee on site.


a) We do not allow our crews to climb higher than a 2-step ladder. In case they need to clean something on a high place, they will use the long duster/Swiffer. We do offer service for higher places and this must be informed and agreed prior to the service start.

b) We do not allow our crews to climb higher than a 2-step ladder or move anything heavier than 35 lbs. If you would like us to clean behind large items, such as a refrigerator or oven, please move it prior to the cleaning visit to allow access to the area.

c) In order to clean the property, it must have water, energy and must not be cluttered. In cases where the cleaning crew arrives and any of these items avoid the cleaning, it will be considered a lost-visit and for so the same fee is due.

d) If an area in the home is considered or has the potential to be considered a bio-hazard, that area will not be cleaned (emptying/cleaning cat litter boxes, human/animal excrement, etc).

e) Spot and Stain Removal. The client understands that variations in carpet fabric and dye composition could potentially make it impossible for stains to be removed, consequently, stain removal cannot be guaranteed.

f) The customer will not hold the company responsible for color fading due to light, age, weak or deteriorated materials. Carpet Materials. Backing, lining and other materials and processes used in manufacturing carpeting and furniture may produce adverse results in the face material when cleaned, including shrinkage. There is no way of determining when such results will occur, the customer will not hold the company or its agents responsible for this adverse results unless caused by company negligence.

g) Tile & Grout. The company will not be liable for any visible or invisible preexisting conditions including cracked, loose, or broken tile or grout caused by improper installation or age. The company will not be held responsible for the removal of pre-existing floor coatings including wax coatings, grout stain or efflorescence residue, or stain marks which may appear after cleaning, the company will not be responsible for certain heavy soiling due to prolonged absence of sealer which may have bonded to the tile and/or grout. The company will not be held responsible for spots and stain marks for materials that either:
g. a.) did not have the previous coating or sealing
g. b.) did not have previously written instructions for cleaning


a). Mint House Cleaning will not be held responsible for damage of items due to improper installation. It is assumed that all surfaces and fixtures are sealed and ready to clean without causing harm. It is to the client's advantage to have the home picked up as much as possible allowing us to be able to get to all areas so that we can optimize your cleaning. If such areas/surfaces are cluttered at the time of cleaning, our team will clean around those areas and you will be notified.

b) Any surface or material to be cleaned, will be done with care and be using standard common cleaning products. If any material or surface requires a special treatment or product, the client must notify Mint House Cleaning management in writing prior to the service start. This notification can be sent to to the same email address where you received any communication from us. (quote, invoice etc.)

c) The same is valid for any surface, material or area that might not receive a particular substance or method of cleaning. An example includes water, soap, vinegar, and any other standard residential product of national brands. The same is valid for tools or methods of cleaning that might not be used such as cloth, brush, mop and other common methods of house cleaning.

d) In case the customer feels that the surface, material or area was not cleaned at satisfaction or some damage occurred, the client must notify the company immediately or within 24 hours at the latest, so Mint House Cleaning can take action properly. After this period, since house cleaning is a service that fades out with use, it is safe to assume that other usage, people or action can be the cause of the issue, damage or complaint.


Mint House Cleaning offers three different options to choose from so that your cleaners have entry into homes.

1). The client may opt to not give a key to the company and be home on their day of cleaning. Because we cannot give an exact time, the client must be home during their specific time frame to let the cleaners in/out of the home. Generally, we arrive on time or within 30minutes of the requested time. If no one is home when the cleaners arrive, a cancellation fee will be charged. (See fee above)

2). The client may provide the company with a key. In the event of termination of the cleaning agreement, keys will be returned to the client within 72 hours of the final cleaning. For your protection, keys will not be linked to any information pertaining to the client. Keys are kept in a secured area and are crossed referenced in case of loss.

3). If a client chooses to leave their door unlocked, place the key under the mat, or leave their house key in an unsecured place for the cleaners to gain entry, the client releases Mint House Cleaning from all liability that arises from damage made before or after the cleaners leave the premises. The client understands that they will be responsible for any damages that are caused before/after their scheduled cleaning team. It is not necessary for the client to disarm their alarm system for their scheduled date of cleaning. If you would like, you may contact your alarm company and have a house cleaner code issued. If a code and or key is provided, we will keep it securely locked at our office until your scheduled cleaning day.


Mint House Cleaning occasionally sends out promotions via email and text messages. Once you enter your information on our website for a personal quote, you are granting us permission and consent to send out the promotions. Digital Media: Occasionally we like to take before and after pictures of your home. Interior pictures will be for our reference only and will not be publicized without your consent. Interior images will be focused on the room and or damage we may find and will not be focused on the personal property unless it is your personal property that was damaged and is required by our insurance to process a claim. If we wish to use pictures of the interior of your home, we will contact you directly before doing so. Exterior pictures of your home we would like to use for possible advertisement in such places as our website, Facebook and so forth. If we decide to use any exterior images of your home, we may contact you as a courtesy but is not required. At no point will any image include images of any person living in the home or items that could identify our customers. We do respect your right to privacy.


Questions about the Terms of Service please contact us.

Terms & Conditions are subject to change at any time.